Headhunting (Direct selection)

head huntingHeadhunting is direct and confidential selection of highly-qualified experts working in competitive or similar structures and organizations with the purpose of finding and attracting high managers for the client’s mission.

What is specific in selection process for this methodology is that the employer is the active party, offering opportunities through headhunting of the best professionals in the field. The stress is on finding potential sources of talent in the working environment (other companies), identification of the right person and selling the position – inspiration of the selected candidates through promoting their career development, offering them opportunities for change according to their expectations.

When the method is used at executive level, the service is called EXECUTIVE SEARCH.

Appropriate for:

  • Managerial positions at high and medium level
  • In cases when specific skills /experience or market know-how/ are required
  • When the client is ready to use the service to attract the best talent

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