How do we work?

business woman smiling 5What is important to know when you turn to a company – intermediary for seeking workers for abroad

The people working in Recruitment agencies have a lot of experience. They will save you much precious time and will assist your find the employee you look for and will take care of whoever comes. Trust their competence and good sense.

According to the Bulgarian legislation concerning intermediary activity for Bulgarian citizens that are hired by foreign employer in EU, it is obligatory that the intermediary company and the foreign employer conclude a contract.


- The intermediary assures work to Bulgarian citizens in another country in accordance with the national legislation and/or on the conditions and order regulated in international contract for workforce exchange where Bulgaria is a party of.  

- The intermediary may not negotiate for Bulgarian citizens work conditions and compensation below the minimal ones for the accepting country in accordance with its national legislation.

- The intermediary directs and supports the job-seekers to start work in another country in accordance with the conditions of the intermediary contract concluded with foreign employer.

- Еvery intermediary contract concluded with foreign employer is stored by the intermediary in original version and in official Bulgarian translation

- The contract with the employer shall contain:

- details about the official registration and identification of the employer;

- details about the natural person or the person representing the entity and signs the intermediary contract on behalf of the employer;

- data about the positions the people will be hired for, the deadline of hiring; working hours; breaks; leaves; compensation; household conditions; health social security; occupation accident, temporary and permanent work incapacity, death compensation; preliminary termination of the employment contract; transportation expenses to the workplace upon arrival, use of annual leave and upon their final return in Bulgaria, including in case of preliminary termination of the employment contract; work permissions;

- the obligation of the employer to conclude at own expense the insurance covering the risk disease, accident, death, hospitalization, medical expenses, loss or decrease of work capacity of hired people prior to their departure from Republic of Bulgaria, effective on the territory of the respective foreign country, for the deadline of the concluded individual hiring contract as well as for the time of the trip;

- financial conditions for rendering the intermediary service in accordance with law requirements.

To the concluded intermediary contract the intermediary stores a copy and official translation in Bulgarian of foreign employer’s registration certificate containing his legal status, seat and registered address, scope of activity, managers and representatives, copy of the permission for hiring foreign workers when such document is required by the effective legislation of the accepting country.

How do we work?

You can always rely on us when you have to find the employee you look for. Searching is a process in which we put a lot of time, effort, attention and professionalism. We value dialogue, accuracy and respect in the relations with our clients

Send us the positions you look for and we will contact you in order to settle the details regarding seeking and finding the most appropriate candidates.

The process of selection can generally be reviewed as consisting of several stages:
• selection of strategic approach for reaching the target group;
• advertising the position;
• selection process;
• providing the most appropriate candidates;
• guarantee


Selection of strategic approach

Seeking and preliminary selection

We find the perfect candidates through media publication
Selection process

Selection of the most appropriate candidate

We use structural and semi-structural interviews which we hold in predisposing environment;

We assure objective and accurate attitude toward the candidate;

We increase the reliability of the selection process through systematized and established procedures;

Guarantee and integration

Making decisions and guaranteeing

You receive additional security through the guarantee of Marketing Solutions®


In order to establish the competence level for the position for which the person applies for, we use specially developed questionnaires
The final decision is made by the clients, but we are together with you in selection process so we can ease you as much as we can in this heavy task.


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