HR vision and Mission


Marketing Solutions® is a company, specialized in the field of Human Resources. We are focused on the people, their potential and capabilities for development even beyond the borders of their own country.
Our aim is to be a valuable intermediary in job supply and demand.

Our mission is to seek and find not only employees but the right people for your business – full of energy, purposeful, reliable.
We offer services related to personnel recruitment and personal development for Bulgaria and abroad. This is a process that is getting much more complicated. Finding an appropriate employee often supersedes the standard methods of seeking and requires good estimate, haste and right decisions.

Marketing Solutions® is officially licensed as intermediary for recruitment by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for Bulgaria and abroad.

License for rendering services in the field of HR for Bulgaria No 2405 dated 22nd of November 2017 – permanent.
License No 2190 dated 30th of December 2016 for intermediary activity on recruitment for other countries, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Permanent.

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