Career consultation

What is career consulting?

Career consulting is a process where specially trained person (career consultant) renders cooperation for making decision with regards to career-related issue.

When do we need career consulting?

• When we make a choice how and where to continue education;
• When we want to understand what is the most appropriate career for us - to learn more about our capabilities, interests, values, personal character and needs of professional development;
• When we need more information about the labor market, requirements of the employers and successful realization capabilities;
• When we want to learn how and where to search for work or internship and how to do good at the workplace;
• When we need information on how to start own business;
• In case of change of occupation and need of additional qualification;
• When we want to improve our skills of self-assessment or learn how to make decisions, plan and manage our career.

The career development is a process enclosing all our life., therefore consultation necessity may incur in every stage of life.

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