Corporate experience

“First people, then strategies. To find the perfect people for the perfect work is more important than developing strategies. This truth applies for all business kinds”
Jack Welch

Company Marketing Solutions® is licensed to perform intermediary activity of hiring in Bulgaria and abroad.


Sit on your own bottomFollowing the practices of the good HR agencies we:

• We offer consultations for career development and human resources management;
• We consult and give the necessary information to people seeking work and employers;
• We assure psychological support to people seeking work;
• We direct our clients to appropriate training for adults;
• We support the job-seekers when they start new work;
In recent years our main objective is to develop and apply effective procedures for personnel selection through which to attract candidates that are not only experts but also reliable people.
When you are looking for personnel for many occupations and positions in your country we can be your partner.

Call us, trust us!

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