snimka deliana

 Deliana Petkova-Director

· With over 10-year practical experience in the field of marketing and advertising in international companies;

· Positions held: marketing researcher, brand manager, advertising director, marketing manager;

· Various projects held in the field of personnel recruitment and training;

· Member of the Bulgarian Marketing Association;

· Master in Sociology;

· Specialization “European Integration”;

· Certificates in Merchandizing, Marketing and PR

· Publications in the field of Marketing

· Lecturing Brand Management at International University College;

· Certified Carrer Consultant – N - GCDF0839-BG (това съм го добавила сега, нямаше го за превод)

· For every project the company works with consultants and sub-contractors in the field of psychology, marketing, sales that are proven experts in their field.

This way we guarantee the flawless performance and high results.


certificate operational marketingcertificate bulgarska asociaciya marketingcertificate professor philip kotler

Greg Sand's Merchandising Workshop        Participation in marketing seminar of Philip Kottler               Member of Bulgarian Marketing Association

maarketingovi prouchvaniya uspeshni prodajbi 1 marketingovi prouchvaniya uspeshni prodajbi 2 problemi na truda zashtita personalni danni informacionno obshtestvo



3. 4.


1. "Marketing Research -
the key to successful sales "
Part 1

2. "Marketing Research -
the key to successful sales "
Part 2

3. "Problems of Adaptation in the Professional Hierarchy"
Article in the issue "Problems of Labor"
Issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Sofia, 1996

4. "Protection of personal data in Bulgaria in the aspect of the information society"
Independent Book, Issue of the Economic Policy Institute
Sofia, 1999

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